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October 6, 2013 / Keith Earl

Up yours Safeway

I recently moved to Vancouver, Canada. I’m living in a pretty overpriced part of town called Kitsilano. It’s the land of million dollar bungalows, yoga moms and private school kids who get dropped off at the gate every morning in a mercedes. There is a very affordable “No Frills” grocery store in the area,  but it is a little bike ride away. So whenever ____________ (I’m lazy, the weather sucks, I’m starving…) I default to the only big grocery store reachable on foot – Safeway.

This is the most expensive grocery store I have ever been to. We are talking about $3 cans of beans, $7 boxes of cereal and everything else twice the price of where you shop. I once accidentally purchased green peppers thinking they were $2.99/lbs. Nope, that was $2.99/PEPPER!

I dropped by today for some juice as I recover from a day long hangover. As I was walking through the baked goods section cursing the store for only selling no-name orange juice in the giant 3 litre format, a jug that will most certainly NOT fit into a small fridge shared by three dudes, I noticed something unusual. Somebody had picked up an apple strudel, taken a bite out of it and then left it on top of the loaves of fresh bread. Normally I would condemn such a thing as it’s a waste of food and it is kind of disgusting. Instead I was laughing aloud. Screw you Safeway.


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